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Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro Mobile Phone

Company    Sony Ericsson, Sweden

Year              2010


All the Sony Ericsson Xperia products for 2010 were planned with the new Android platform and we wanted to create a unique and signature design to communicate this new effort and new start for Sony Ericsson.

We created a design story, based on ‘Human Curvature‘ and ‘Precision by Tension‘ starting with the high-end model X10, launched early 2010.

The X10 Mini Pro was born out of the wish to create a really unique proposition with a unique size and footprint. The overall shape with the symmetrical top and bottom curve indicate the horizontal use and that there’s a qwerty keypad that slides out. The softly sculpted backside, what we call the human curvature, makes it very comfortable and tactile in the hand. The seamless front window is shaped by the tensioned curvature and gives the precision by tension.


Images are courtesy of Sony Mobile

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