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Hybrid Bike Sharing System

Company    Urban Sharing, Oslo, Norway

Year              2018



The project started in 2017 and I lead the hardware development and design part of the project, from concept to roll-out with close to 2000 bikes in the Norwegian cities of Bergen and Trondheim during 2018.


The overall goal with the new system was to create the best user experience of any bike sharing system available. In light of the current developments at the time, we also wanted to create the most flexible system, meaning most flexible for users, cities and operations. It should be possible to lock the bike both in stations and outside stations, depending on what best suits the city and the operations. while the docks themselves should be flexible and easy to change and move depending on changing conditions and needs.


The complete system, which include our own developed software and hardware, was the result of a great team effort involving different competencies, and local suppliers and manufactures.


The project was the result of a team effort from Anders Lilleby, Markus Høy-Pettersen, Paul Thornton, Gunnar Larsen and Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby


Images are courtesy of Urban Sharing

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